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The Role You Play in Business Plan Success

The Role You Play in Business Plan Success

May 14, 2021

Business-Plan-Blog-HeaderWe’ve rolled out our business plan. Now what?

It’s important for every member of our DOT team to understand they have a role in the success of our business plan and learn how to use the plan to guide the work they do. Think of our business plan as a framework. It lays out our destination and landmarks along the way that keep us moving in the right direction. However, the path to get us to our destination has not been pre-determined. We all have the flexibility to choose the path we want to take to work towards our destination, using the landmarks as our guides. In this month’s communication on the business plan, we will help you better understand the landmarks that have already been determined and the role you play in determining our path to success, focuing on high-priority actions that help make progress along our journey.



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