June 2024 Service awards

ServiceawardInformation provided by the Business Systems Bureau

35 years

Darwin Bishop, District 3 Office

Kevin Patel, Design


30 years

Eric Diedrich, Bridges Preliminary Design Unit

Brandie Mccuen, Customer Services

Andrew Short, Systems Planning


25 years

Michael Bennett, Design

Krista Billhorn, District 2 Office

Anthony Blint, Fairfield construction

Kurt Estrem, Contracts and Specifications

Brandon Filides, Design

Bradley Garside, District 4 bridge crew

Jamie Hastings, Marshalltown construction

Doug Hirsch, Dubuque garage

Jenny Hoskins, Jefferson construction

Carey Seuntjens, Denison garage

Nathan Westphal, Sac City garage

John Zimmer, Bridge Final Design Unit 2


15 years

Michael DeVenney, TraCS

Travis Foglesong, Albia garage

Kasey Lee, MVD Policy


10 years

Zachary Engstrom, Right of Way

William Knudten, Right of Way

Sandy Sells, Right of Way


5 years

Gordon Coleman, Sioux City construction

Rodney Geisinger, Ames garage

Ryley Jones, Davenport garage

Kyle O'Riley, Design

Alexander Phelps, Fairfield construction

Cole Rieck, Bridge Maintenance and Inspection Section

Michael Rothe, Denison garage


1 year

B.J. Barr, Waterloo garage

Craig Coon, Des Moines DMV

Chris Cutler, Altoona garage

Kent De Vries, Alton garage

Kylee Duncan, District 4 Office

Taylor Harkness-Sommer, Fort Dodge MVD

Zabe Hatfield, Martensdale garage

Tyler Helm, Construction and Materials

Brooke Knudten, Human Resources

Jerrone Mabry, De Soto garage

William Maddie, De Witt garage

Cameron McDowell, West Union garage

David Miller, Davenport garage

Mustafa Qaisi, District 6 materials inspection

Brenda Rojas, Customer Service - Customer Service Processing

Sara Simmons, Burlington DMV

Robert Straub, Martensdale garage

Stephen Swanson, Burlington DMV

John Taylor, Ankeny DMV

Bryce Thomas, Leon garage

Spencer Thompson, Systems Planning

John Utsinger, Waukee DMV


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