March 2024 Service awards

ServiceawardInformation provided by the Business Systems Bureau


35 years

Hope Arthur, Construction and Materials

Bonnie Clancy, District 5 Office

Kathy LaRue, Accounting

William Morgan, Pacific Junction garage         

Kim Nobiling, TraCS

Nancy Paulson, District 2 materials inspection

Thomas Stolen, District 3 Office


30 years

Cathy Aplara, District 5 materials inspection

Thomas Storey, District 6 Office


25 years

Scott Groat, Design Photogrammetry

Shad Kent, Osceola garage         

Ryan Ridout, Investigation and Identity

Kirby Salisbury, District 6 materials

Dean Schweitzer, Rock Rapids garage 


20 years

Sarah Doser-sansgaard, Accounting


15 years

Danielle Alvarez, District 6 Office

Julia Johnson, Driver Programs

Angela Johnson, Design

Jason Mohorne, New Hampton construction


10 years

Chris Capaldo, Systems Planning

Andrew Hamilton, Denison garage       

Michael Hughes, Dewitt garage  

Scott Specht, Maquoketa garage        


5 years

Corey Cripe, Boone garage         

Patrick McGinn, Support Services

Morgan Mooers, Investigation and Identity

Tahnee Selim, Creston construction


1 year

Vania Boyd, Driver & Identification Services

Austin Burgett, Chariton garage

Walker Carrigan, Onawa garage

Michael Childers, Perry garage  

Lori Denney, Burlington driver’s license service center

Jennie Guyton, Burlington driver’s license service center

Rachel Harris, Roadside Development

Jonathan Hernandez, Grimes garage   

Reece Huber, Missouri Valley garage

Quentyn Huebbe, Dubuque garage       

Jim Lawson, Dubuque driver’s license service center

Rob Martin, Grimes garage         

Nickie Paulk, Mount Pleasant garage    

Terry Peterson, Avoca garage    

Kimberly Richards, Support Services

Justin Robinson, Boone garage

Justin Schmitt, Dubuque garage

Travis Seymoure, Mount Pleasant garage

Andrew Slattery, Manchester construction


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