February 2024 Service awards

ServiceawardInformation provided by the Business Systems Bureau




45 years

Sheri Raab, Administrative Services Division


40 years

Randy Harvey, Storm Lake garage        

Kelly Mulvihill, District 3 Office

Daniel Sprengeler, Design

Stephen Upchurch, Construction and Materials


30 years

Eric Carman, District 2 paint crew

Bradley Hofer, Right of Way

Dan Miner, Construction and Materials

Albert Sturtz, Marion garage


25 years

Kristine Brinkman, Contracts and Specifications

Marcia Buthmann, District 4 materials

Bonnie Cooklin, Distribution – Customer Service

Kyle Frame, Construction and Materials

Shane Garrity, District 6 materials

Michael Nop, Bridges and Structures

Kelly Sharp, Systems and Administration


20 years

Zhaia Wineinger, Outreach & Development Bureau


15 years

Thad Benskin, Distribution Center

Steve Kenton, Traffic and Safety

Reese Polich, Procurement

Benjamin Wickman, District 1 Office


10 years

Ryan Garnas, Hanlontown garage

Joshua Kaufman, Greenfield garage    

Joseph Weikert-Munoz, Newton garage  


5 years

Kyle Anderson, New Hampton construction

Eric Bogle, Customer Service

Nathan Brandt, Waverly garage 

Dustin Byrnes, Waukon garage 

Alexander Dreesman, Waterloo garage

Michael Duckworth, Chariton garage   

Travis Eastin, Donnellson garage          

Justin Engelby, Swea City garage

Timothy Hoy, Correctionville garage     

Jason Koch, Design Consultant Coordination

Alexander Leith, Williamsburg garage  

Rodney Richards, Repair Shop

Carlie Schnoebelen, Cedar Rapids garage      

Veronica Tolander, Procurement

Doug Westvold, Systems Planning

Christian Yi, Bridge Consultant Coordination


1 year

Michelle Crawford, Urbana garage        

Will Dekok, Audits - External

Nicholas Duvall, Washington garage    

Tyler Kremer, Dubuque garage  

Garrett Pitz, Manchester garage 

Enrique Robles, Carlisle garage

Adam Scott, Dubuque Garage    

Jeremiah Shar, Audits - External

Phillip Sillman, Waterloo garage

Joshua Soultz, Bridges & Structures

Jamie Stonehocker, Des Moines garage         

Joel Swanson, Construction and Materials

Colton Wickman, Emmetsburg garage 


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