September 2023 Service awards

ServiceawardInformation provided by the Business Systems Bureau






45 years

Russell Abbott, Davenport garage


35 years

Jon Holland, Assistant Road Design Engineer

Troy Strum, Administration, Planning, and Modal Support


30 years

Mark Rosenbeck, Adair garage


25 years

Rhonda Fowler, Systems and Administration – System Development

Timothy Larson, Clarinda garage

Amanda Martin, Rail Transportation

Patrick O’Donnell, Mason City garage

Brian Smith, Creston construction


20 years

Anthony Hildreth, District 1 Office


15 years

Darrell Maasdam, Grinnell garage

Ronald Norton, Bloomfield garage

Julie Randall, Procurement and Distribution

Sam Shea, District 6 Office

Nathan Thede, Project Management

Daniel Wagener, Civil Rights

Christine Whitman, Customer Service – Customer Experience


10 years

Michelle Barger, Design

Donelle Berndt, Project Management

Mason Gallup, Manchester garage

Jared Greiner, Bridge Maintenance and Inspection

Ashley Iwen, Bridge Maintenance and Inspection

Jessica Jeffrey, District 2 Operations Manager


5 years

Dana Blue, Right of Way

Chad Brass, Williams garage

Mark Chamberlain, Osceola garage

Nathaniel Epperson, District 4 Office

Anthony Gigaroa, Sioux City – Hamilton garage

Kevin Jack, Construction & Materials

Jonathan Oehlerich, Waterloo garage

Angela Pinegar, Central Programs

Luis Rodriguez, Des Moines garage

Joseph Stanisz, Bridge Maintenance and Inspection

Jenny Veale, Human Resources Bureau

James Welter, Grimes garage

Gordon Wickenkamp, Repair Shop


1 year

Paul Adams, Hanlontown garage

Cody Archer, Storm Lake garage

Joshua Cleghorn, Altoona garage

Jason Cook, Davenport garage

Samuel David, Manchester construction

Matthew Driscoll, Coralville garage

Luke Feierfeil, Council Bluffs – south garage

Dillon Feldmann, Local Systems

Kadon Foubert, Oskaloosa garage

Jesse Freeman, Telephone Support

Brett Gilliland, De Soto garage

Seth Glandon, Washington garage

Tyler Grems, Repair Shop

Myron Kellen, Sioux City – Leeds garage

Josh Kelley, Iowa Falls garage

Kody Kilts, De Soto garage

Larry Kurtz, Support Services – Design

Isaiah Miller, Davenport garage

Christopher Morton, Cedar Rapids garage

Patrick Nealey, Burlington garage

Jeremy Pundt, Donnellson garage

Thomas Rhoads, Design

Tucker Sager, Adair garage

Alexander Smith, Adair garage

Bryan Snyder, De Soto garage

Clinton Sparks, Williams garage

Craig Weuve, Procurement and Distribution

Bart Wilson, Urbana garage

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