Roadside Chat- More cowbell. Less Phone

7-14 more cowbellWhat’s important in your life? For some of us, it’s easy to tune out the background noise, but for others, things like our phones can cause irresistible but extremely dangerous distractions.

When you’re driving, do your best to tune out the distractions by putting your phone out of reach. Focus on what is most important, driving safely to make sure you and your passengers make it to your destination.

How can you help reduce the number of distracted driving crashes?

  1. Use the technology built into your phone to silence it when you are behind the wheel.
  2. Make your voice heard. If you are a passenger in a vehicle where the driver is texting or doing other things on their phone, remind them that the behavior is putting everyone in the vehicle in danger.
  3. Parents, teach your kids about the dangers of distracted driving. Put your own phone away and teach them that it is safer to speak up if they are riding with a friend who is driving distracted than ignore the behavior.

Just for fun – “More Cowbell!”

So far this year in Iowa, 184 people have been killed in traffic crashes. That’s an increase of 14 since last Friday. In Iowa in 2022, there were 338 traffic-related deaths. To see statistics published daily by the Office of Driver Services, go to the daily fatality report at

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