Roadside Chat - Fast & furious? Nope. Slow down & smile

5-19 fast and furiousAre you Iowa nice when you’re behind the wheel? Not all drivers are going to do everything you expect them to do. If you’re sharing the road with someone whose driving isn’t up to your standards, you need to be prepared to let it go and just move on.

  1. If someone is speeding, you don’t need to keep up. It’s not a race.
  2. If there’s a slower driver in front of you. Don’t tailgate. Have patience and keep your distance until it is safe to pass.
  3. When you are passing another vehicle, never pass on the shoulder or cut off the slower vehicle out of spite.
  4. Venting your frustration probably won’t make the person in front of you drive any faster or better. It’s best not to honk, yell or flash your headlights to get another driver’s attention – unless of course, you’re alerting them to a danger they might not see.
  5. Stay in your lane unless you have a good reason to pass the vehicle in front of you. Don’t weave in and out of lanes. Weaving is for baskets.

From our neighbors to the north. Don’t be that guy -

So far this year in Iowa, 113 people have been killed in traffic crashes. That’s an increase of eight since last Friday. In Iowa in 2022, there were 338 traffic-related deaths. To see statistics published daily by the Office of Driver Services, go to the daily fatality report at

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