Recent Iowa DOT Awards

AwardsThe Iowa DOT is focused on making lives better through transportation. Whether we are working to put safety first or focusing on our customers, innovation and leadership are at the heart of the work we do. Sometimes that innovation and leadership earns us attention and accolades from our industry partners and peers. We are proud of those across our DOT team who have been recognized for the following awards.

AAMVA 2021 Examiner of the Year

Servant leadership, that’s a core value that Jason Hennessey,  a driver’s license service center examiner in Ankeny lives out every day. Late last year, Jason was honored as the regional winner of the 2021  Outstanding Examiner of the year from the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators.  . Jason has a total of eight years of experience with the State of Iowa, five of which has been with the Iowa DOT. He was key in providing valuable input on several issues impacting driver’s license operations during the COVID pandemic. Jason’s supervisors recognized his keen ability to find the most efficient way to do things while providing excellent customer service.

As a lead commercial driver’s license field trainer, Jason trained many new state and county employees. He does a fantastic job of preparing staff to conduct CDL testing in a fair and impartial manner. Staff who have been trained by Jason report that his direct, down-to-earth teaching approach facilities the learning process and opens the lines of communication. He recognizes that CDL testing is a critical performance area that we must get right every time. Jason also understands the potential ramifications of licensing someone commercially who does not possess the skills necessary to operate a commercial motor vehicle safely.

The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) fosters a tradition of excellence in the motor vehicle and law enforcement community by honoring individuals, teams and organizations who have committed their time and resources to safety initiatives, outstanding customer service, and public affairs and consumer educational programs throughout North America.


Jason Hennessey 2021 Examiner of the Year Award DSC_5748C

Jason Hennessey accepted AAMVA’s 2021 Examiner of the Year award from Iowa DOT Director, Scott Marler.


Transportation Planning Award - 2022 American Planning Association (APA) Iowa Planning Conference

Sam Sturtz of the Systems Planning Bureau received the Transportation Planning Award at the 2022 APA Iowa Planning Conference for his work to develop the Statewide Flood Resiliency Analysis, which screens interstates, U.S. and state highways to identify locations most vulnerable to flood events. Through integration into the state long-range transportation plan, the analysis will be used to help target strategies and infrastructure improvements to enhance the resiliency of the system.


IMG_0061 Samuel Sturtz Transportation Planning Award

Samuel Sturtz accepted the Transportation Planning Award at the 2022 APA Iowa Planning Conference.


2022 National Excellence in Concrete Pavement Awards

The Iowa Concrete Pavement Association (ICPA), founded in 1963, is Iowa's largest trade association that exclusively represents the interests of those involved with the design, construction, and preservation of concrete pavements. ICPA supports research and promotion for continued advancements in quality, technology, and the expanded use of concrete pavements. Two Iowa DOT concrete projects submitted by ICPA have been recognized as winners of the American Concrete Paving Association’s 2022 Excellence in Concrete Pavement Awards that were presented at a ceremony in Nashville, TN on Dec. 1, 2022. Both projects were constructed by Cedar Valley Corp. (CVC) and won gold in their respective categories.


Iowa 31 project in Woodbury/Ida/Cherokee counties

Cedar Valley Corp. and the Iowa DOT were recognized in the Highway Overlays Category for the Iowa 31 project in Woodbury/Ida/Cherokee counties. This was a hilly project that included 45 horizontal curves, 12 of which were superelevated. Iowa 31 also boasted 108 vertical curves. The project had two bridge approaches poured half-width by hand to maintain local traffic and then match with the mainline paving. Occasionally the Iowa DOT invites contractors to run field tests to try out new concepts or, in this case, new materials. Cedar Valley Corp.  agreed to incorporate synthetic macro-fibers into test sections of. The hope was that the use of these fibers would help prevent random cracking that often occurs during Iowa's numerous freeze-thaw cycles. Cedar Valley Corp.  crews placed over 137,000 square yards of paving on the 8.2 mile project. It called for a nominal 6-inch thick, 24-foot-wide overlay with attached 2-foot-wide, 8-inch shoulders. A safety edge was also added on the outside shoulder. Combined, these pavements used 20,600 cubic yards of concrete.


Hwy overlay US 31 winners

Cedar Valley Corp. and the Iowa DOT receiving an award in the Highway Overlays Category for the Iowa Highway 31 project in Woodbury/Ida/Cherokee counties.


U.S. 20 project in Black Hawk County

Cedar Valley Corp. and the Iowa DOT also received an award in the Rural Divided Highways Category for its U.S. 20 project in Black Hawk County. The initial project plans required a five-mile detour route and included numerous stops and narrow lanes. Working with Waterloo's city engineer, the detour was changed, and input resulted in the addition of two ramp entrances, two ramp exits, and four gore areas to the project to improve overall paving quality, replacing planned asphalt patching with a thin, full-width asphalt overlay for the lanes that would serve as a detour for eastbound traffic, and re-design the joint detail for ramp configuration to allow for machine versus hand pours. The project entailed three miles of 177,000 square yards of paving, including 56,018 square yards of tied concrete shoulders. The project also included two major innovative studies: rumble strips installed with stacked saw blades instead of a regular milling head to reduce damage to pavement and create a more uniform final product, and a pilot project for the Iowa DOT to study potential new compaction specifications. The results of the study led to a long list of lessons learned, updated training, and updated reporting data and target values.


US 20 Rural Hwys winnerThe Iowa DOT and Cedar Valley Corp. receiving an award in the Rural Divided Highways Category for the U.S. 20 project in Black Hawk County.


59th Annual ICPA Paving Awards


DSC_7250C I80 Jasper County Interstate Highway CategoryThe Interstate 80 Project in Jasper County Received the Award for Best Interstate Pavement. The Award was Presented by Wes Musgrove, Iowa DOT Construction & Materials, to Jacob Imming of the Iowa DOT’s Marshalltown Construction Office and Craig Kalinay, Manatt’s, Inc.

DSC_7252C US 20 State Roads Category

Wes Musgrove, Iowa DOT Construction & Materials, Presented the Award for Best State Road to U.S. 20 Swiss Valley Interchange Dubuque County Project to Hugh Holak of the Manchester Construction Office and Iowa DOT’s District 6 Office, and Matt Schmitt of Flynn Co., Inc.


DSC_7254C Iowa 31 Cherokee County Overlay Project State CategoryIowa DOT’s Darwin Bishop and Dean Herbst Accept the Best PCC Overlays State Award for the Iowa 31 Project from Cherokee County Road C-66 in Washta to U.S. 59 from Wes Musgrove, Iowa DOT Construction & Materials, on Behalf of Iowa DOT District 3 Office and Iowa DOT’s Cherokee County Construction Office, and Cedar Valley Corp., LLC.


DSC_7256C Iowa 3 Plymouth County Overlay project state category

Wes Musgrove, Iowa DOT Construction & Materials, Awards the Best Innovative PCC Overlay Project (State) to Plymouth County Iowa 3 from Le Mars to Remsen. Accepting the Award for Iowa DOT District 3 Office and Iowa DOT Sioux City Construction Office was Jason Klemme, and Dana Meihost and Jason Meihost for Croell, Inc.


DSC_7259C US 61 Des Moines County Divided Highway Category
Iowa’s Best Innovative Divided Highway (Rural) Paving Project Award was Given to the Des Moines County U.S. 61 Project. Accepting the Award from Wes Musgrove, Iowa DOT Construction & Materials, was Darrick Bielser for Iowa DOT Fairfield Construction Office, Iowa DOT District 5 Office, and Marcelo Oyarzun for Streb Construction Co., Inc. and Streb Ready Mix, LLC.

Well done District 3!

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