February 2023 Service awards

ServiceawardInformation provided by the Business Systems Bureau


40 years

Monty Shuey, Highway Support


35 years

Brenda Boell, Local Systems

Daniel Clawson, Sigourney garage

Rebecca Hanson, Construction & Materials

Kelly Popp, ERMS

Barbara Weigel, Customer Support


30 years

Chris Grimm, Grimes garage

Lennis Harberts, Ashton garage

Paul Radmaker, Emmetsburg garage

Khashi Reyes, Des Moines garage

Mark Turkal, Coralville garage

Kevin Uthoff, Independence garage

Michael Willis-hollister, Systems and Administration


25 years

Troy Clouse, Le Mars garage

Brian Smith, Chariton construction


20 years

MaryBeth Banta, District 3 maintenance

Dwaine Berte, Algona garage

Jeremy Blue, Chariton garage

Alex Crosgrove, District 3 materials

Myron Fox, Design

Patrick Hayes, Waukon garage

Milly Ortiz-Pagan, Systems Planning

Richard Pross, Bridge Maintenance and Inspection


15 years

Linda Anderson, Human Resources

Christopher Collison, Onawa garage

Robert Ellis, District 1 Office

Susie Hall, Support Services

Michael Kingery, Knoxville garage

Joel Monroe, District 2 maintenance

Lori Norem, Business Systems

Michael Roller, Fort Dodge garage

James Rushman, Bloomfield garage

Russell Schmidt, Construction & Materials

Jeff Whipple, Martensdale garage

Nick Witte, Waverly garage


10 years

Kevin Beichley, Finance

Daniel Frettim, Support Services

Travis Jepsen, District 3 paint crew

Coty Mosqueda, Des Moines garage

Edwin Thomsen, Council Bluffs construction

Kevin Weber, Ida Grove garage


5 years

Ricky Carter, Fort Dodge garage

Shawn Dawley, Decorah garage

John Hahn, Design

Shannon Hardman, Grundy Center garage

Matthew Herman, Contracts and Specifications

Jacob Imming, Marshalltown construction

Kenneth Jordt, Cedar Rapids garage

Joseph Ogden, Grimes construction

Russ Sebetka, Cedar Rapids garage

Morgan See, Information Technology Administration

Linda Su, Bridges & Structures

John Ticknor, Ankeny driver’s license service center

Tyler Travis, Sidney garage

Matthew Vint, Marshalltown garage


1 year

Angela Billings, Mason City driver’s license service center

Ethan Burgess, Sloan garage

Angela Cook, District 4 Operations

Joseph Costello, Davenport garage

Travis Curtis, Pocahontas garage

Julie Duncan, Maintenance

Jessica Felix, District 3 Office

Quentin Ferguson, Carlisle garage

Julie Gengler, Sioux City driver’s license service center

Trent Goettsch, Cherokee garage

Ross Hoegh, Ida Grove garage

Travis Hohbach, Cherokee garage

Austin Kannegieter, Ashton garage

Tom Kerger, Missouri Valley garage

Kevin Kruse, Vehicle Programs

John Lamping, Cedar Rapids construction

Chantalle Long, Customer Service

Travis Malone, District 4 Office

Corey Olds, Jefferson garage

David Phillips, Rail Transportation

Jeremy Robberts, Clarinda garage

Scott Rose, Rockwell City garage

Amanda Sholley, Systems and Administration

Julie Steinfeldt, Right of Way

Kyle Telecky, Cedar Rapids driver’s license service center

Luke Williams, Knoxville garage

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