January 2023 Service awards

ServiceawardInformation provided by the Business Systems Bureau

45 years

Arlene Mc Cumber, New Hampton construction


35 years

Mark Stephens, Marshalltown garage


30 years

Lisa Luko, District 5 Maintenance


25 years

Timothy Grell, District 3 materials

Larry Johnson, District 5 materials

Christine Jones, Application Tech Team

David Nickell, Leon garage

Jason Strum, Design


20 years

Kie Ahrens, District 3 materials

Michael Frank, District 2 Office

Vanessa Goetz, Research and Analytics

Jon Makovec, Business Systems

Gregory Moyle, Design

Darren Reid, MVE field staff

Trent Sorgenfrey, Tipton garage

Jim Van Holland, Rock Rapids garage


15 years

Dustin Conover, De Soto garage

Rusty Hedlund, Malcom garage

Eric Lack, District 1 Operations

Jeffrey Little, District 1 bridge

Chad Moser, Repair Shop

William Nielsen, Williamsburg garage

Jeremy Orr, Mount Pleasant garage

Gary Parker, Bridge Maintenance and Inspection

Emily Whaley, Systems Planning

Douglas Wiseman, Construction & Materials


10 years

Mikel Derby, Director’s Office

Kristopher Dirksen, Systems and Administration

Jenny Mitchell, Customer Service


5 years

David Heer, Design

Joel Herrington, MVE field staff

Tim Kelley, Procurement and Distribution

Dustin Maassen, Avoca garage

Joseph Mohlis, West Union garage

Joe Nelson, Bridge Maintenance and Inspection

Travis Olson, Network Services

Brian Schmitz, Waterloo garage

Cory Tap, Design

Jordan Wallar, Neola garage


1 year

Dianne Armintrout, Customer Service

Jenifer Bates, Local Systems

Harold Bennitt, Grimes garage

Philip Brezina, Coralville garage

Glen Cadwallader, Waterloo driver’s license service center

Lane Crumly, Onawa garage

Joe Davis, Perry garage

Jacob Davis, Sac City garage

Kegen Fingalsen, Hanlontown garage

Trapper Forch, Correctionville garage

Jessica Hahn, Mason City driver’s license service center

Brian Hearron, Leon garage

Logan Higgins, Sac City garage

Jake Karns, Adair garage

Ryan Kastner, Spencer garage

Brent Mellinger, Burlington garage

Jeremy Sandbothe, Adair garage

Dennis Smith, Grimes garage

Rob Verdoorn, Spencer garage

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