Roadside Chat - Relax, don't do it, when you really want to floor it

11-25 relax dont do itThe holiday season can bring on a whole new level of stress. The joy of the season can sometimes be overcome by the pressure. If you’re rushing around to complete your holiday “to-do” list, don’t try to save time by driving aggressively.

Don’t think you’re an aggressive driver?





Do you:

  1. Regularly drive over the speed limit or try to beat red lights?
  2. Honk your horn often?
  3. Yell or use obscene gestures at other drivers?
  4. Not yield the right of way to another driver?
  5. Weave in and out of traffic?
  6. Fail to signal a turn or lane change?
  7. Tailgate other vehicles?
  8. Deliberately block lanes so another driver can’t change lanes?

If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, take some time to calm down. Recognizing the behavior is the first step to changing it. Here are some other tips:

  1. Try to avoid driving when you’re upset.
  2. Listen to soothing music
  3. Plan ahead to avoid the need to hurry.
  4. Don’t take the actions of other drivers personally.

It’s not always going to be easy but staying calm behind the wheel will keep our friends and family members safer.

Here are 22 ways to calm yourself down, both in and out of your vehicle -

In Iowa in 2022, there have been 303 deaths in traffic crashes. That’s an increase of one since last Friday. To see statistics published daily by the Office of Driver Services, go to the daily fatality report at

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