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Awards imageThe Iowa DOT is focused on making lives better through transportation. Whether we are working to put safety first or focusing on our customers, innovation and leadership are at the heart of the work we do. Sometimes that innovation and leadership earns us attention and accolades from our industry partners and peers. We are proud of the business units and individuals across the Iowa DOT who have been recognized for the following awards over the last quarter.


Asphalt Pavement Alliance Perpetual Pavement by Design Award

Making roadway surfaces last longer is a goal of all transportation departments across the country. This not only helps with safety issues but keeps repair costs low for maintenance departments. In the long run, this saves taxpayer dollars and helps free up funds that can be used for projects such as bridge construction or helping fund winter snow removal operations.

The Iowa Department of Transportation was recently awarded the Perpetual Pavement Award: By Design (PPA) for a four-mile section of Iowa 100 from Covington Road to just east of Edgewood Road in Linn County. L.L. Pelling Co. was the contractor for the project. This is the first time that Iowa DOT has received this award from the Asphalt Pavement Alliance.

Iowa 100 cropped“The Iowa Department of Transportation is honored to receive the 2021 Perpetual Pavement By Design Award for IA 100 from Covington Road to just east of Edgewood Road,” said Ashley Buss, Ph.D., P.E., Bituminous Materials Engineer with the Construction & Materials Bureau. “The pavement structure is designed to extend the pavement service life and reduce future rehabilitation costs. This award highlights the successful partnership between the Iowa DOT and Iowa’s asphalt industry and our shared commitment to provide Iowa communities with smooth, sustainable, and resilient highways.”

The Asphalt Pavement Alliance developed the prestigious Perpetual Pavement awards to recognize long-life asphalt pavements in the U.S. and honor asphalt pavements demonstrating outstanding design and construction. Newly designed and constructed asphalt roads built over new or reconditioned subgrade that meet Perpetual Pavement criteria are eligible to be nominated for the awards competition. The Iowa DOT’s nomination was evaluated and selected for an award by the National Center for Asphalt Technology at Auburn University.

The APA is a partnership of the Asphalt Institute, National Asphalt Pavement Association, and the State Asphalt Pavement Associations. APA’s mission is to establish asphalt as the preferred choice for quality, performance, and the environment.


2022 Excellence in Regional Transportation Award

Iowa in Motion coverMaking lives better through transportation – that’s the Iowa Department of Transportation’s core focus, but what does it mean in reality? One aspect is to make sure there are transportation options available to as many Iowans as possible.

Our Systems Planning Bureau was recently recognized for doing just that. The team worked to identify locations in the state where there could be a greater risk of accessibility and mobility issues through the state transportation plan, Iowa in Motion 2050. This effort has been recognized by the National Association of Development Organizations with an Excellence in Regional Transportation Award that showcases organizations for noteworthy projects and practices in rural and small metropolitan transportation planning, program delivery, and special initiatives.

NADO President Misty Crosby, Executive Director of the Buckeye Hills Regional Commission in Marietta, Ohio says, “The Excellence in Regional Transportation Awards highlight advances in transportation services and creative initiatives that improve accessibility, mobility, safety, and quality of life. Programs and projects like Iowa DOT’s accessibility/mobility analysis are central to fostering community connections, facilitating economic vitality, and promoting effective transportation planning and networks.”

Iowa’s state transportation plan and related information can be viewed online at:

Congratulations DOT. Keep up the great work!

Hi Betty! Thanks for the comment. I'm not sure if Ashley is Bill's daughter or not. We spread the awards around the complex now, so there isn't one central display case. Thanks for your advice for shorter paragraphs.

Ashley Buss,Is she the daughter of Bill Buss who was also in construction Office when I retired from the DOT 23 years ago?

To the DOT, congratulations on this special award. Do you have a trophy case for all the awards at the DOT has won over the decades? I remember quite a few on the wall in “walnut row” hallway.

Also to those writing the article, please break this up into short paragraphs double spaced for us Neuro cognitive Lyme disease/ADHD patients who have lost our reading comprehension due to being misdiagnosed for decades.

Thank you very much for your consideration in all future articles you post and send out by email.

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