Roadside Chat - Drunk driving is no joke - Dad

6-17 drunk driving is no jokeSummer is a great time to get together with friends and family. With Father’s Day coming up this weekend, many families may hear some groan-worthy “bad dad” jokes as you hang out around the backyard barbeque. How about this one?

“What kind of drink can be bitter and sweet? Reali-tea.”

The safety of your family and friends is no joke. The reality is if you’re hosting a gathering, ensuring the safety of your guests should be on your to-do list. If you’re serving alcohol, that safety element may include:


  • Talking to a few designated drivers ahead of time who agree to stay sober
  • Calling a rideshare service for someone who has been drinking
  • Offering your guest room or couch to guests if they need a place to stay

Once you have your safety plan in place, you might want to brush up on your humor. Here are just a few of our favorite “bad dad” jokes from

  • When does a joke become a “dad joke?” When it becomes apparent.
  • Sundays are always a little sad, but the day before is a sadder day.
  • What kind of noise does a witch’s vehicle make? Brrrroooom, brrroooom.
  • What would the Terminator be called in his retirement? The Exterminator.
  • What did Tennessee? The same thing as Arkansas.

In Iowa in 2022, there have been 137 deaths in traffic crashes. That’s an increase of five since last Friday. To see statistics published daily by the Office of Driver Services, go to the daily fatality report at

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