Personnel updates for June 10, 2022 to June 23, 2022

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New Hires

Evan Blodgett, highway technician, West Union garage

Jeremy Conner, highway technician associate, De Soto garage

Connor Fitzsimmons, highway technician senior, Tipton garage

Jeremiah Frueh, highway technician associate, Cedar Rapids garage

Jessica Green, driver & identification service center specialist, Davenport driver’s license service center

Dustin Hogueison, mechanic, De Soto garage

Colton Molyneux, highway technician associate, Coralville garage

George Morrell, construction technician senior, Cedar Rapids construction

Kurt Schinstock, highway technician associate, Mount Pleasant garage

Brenan Schneidermann, highway technician associate, Ashton garage

Colin Thomas, highway technician associate, Grimes garage

Noah Thomas, engineering technician senior, Local Systems



Ethan Andresen, from garage operations assistant to highway maintenance supervisor, Leon garage

Darrick Bielser, from transportation engineer, District 5 Office, to transportation engineer manager, Fairfield construction

Nicolas Boudreaux, from design technician associate, Design Pre-design Section, to transportation engineer associate, Design Projects Section- Rural 3

Lorrain Bremer, from driver’s license hearing officer, Motor Vehicle Division – Education & Information, to public service supervisor, Vehicle & Motor Carrier Services

Nuwan De Silva, from information technology specialist 4 to information technology specialist 5, Information Technology Division -- Motor Vehicle Support

Paul Flagge, from information technology specialist 4 to information technology specialist 5, Information Technology Division - Motor Vehicle Support

Jacob Meeker, from highway technician associate to highway technician, Boone garage

Ronald Meyer, from transportation engineer specialist, Bridge consultant coordination unit, to transportation engineer administrator, Bridges & Structures Bureau

Brandon Pilchard, from highway technician, Iowa Falls garage, to highway technician senior, Bridge Maintenance and Inspection Section

Samuel Schilb, from highway technician, Ottumwa garage, to assistant survey party chief, Design preliminary survey 1


Other personnel matters

Stephenie Janssen, accounting technician 2, from Vehicle & Motor Carrier Services – MVD Accounting to Finance

Benjamin Roos, driver & identification service center specialist, from Iowa City driver’s license service center to Davenport driver’s license service center (Intra-agency transfer)

Deborah Thomsen, engineering office assistant 2, Council Bluffs construction (Transfer from other state agency)

Stefan West, highway technician associate, from Fort Dodge garage to Perry garage (Intra-agency transfer)



Scott Fix, highway maintenance supervisor, Muscatine garage

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