Personnel updates for March 18 to March 31, 2022

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New Hires

Cody Carroll-Mumford, highway technician associate, Chariton garage

Annette Cato, accountant 2, Accounting

Sean Chopard, highway technician associate, Elkader garage

Alex Hernandez, transportation engineer associate,  Jefferson construction

Bradley Hughes, highway technician associate, Anamosa garage

Morrie Monroe, highway technician associate, New Hampton garage

James Sleeth, highway technician associate, Grimes garage

Jamie Wagner, highway technician associate, Newhall garage



Zoey Benoit, from driver & identification service center specialist to driver & identification service center consultant, Ankeny driver’s license service center

Nathaniel Epperson, from engineering operations technician to engineering technician senior, District 4 Office

Shane Fetters, from materials technician 4 to materials technician 5, District 1 materials

Jason Fisher, from garage operations assistant, District 4 maintenance, to training specialist 2, Maintenance

Clint Flack, from highway technician senior to construction technician senior, Jefferson construction

Trista Hills, from administrative assistant 2, Driver & Identification Services, to compliance officer 2, Vehicle & Motor Carrier Services

Dwaine Kirchhoff, from highway technician associate, Atlantic garage, to bridge inspector 1, Bridges & Structures

Tom Lovan, from transportation engineer, Location & Environment, to transportation engineer specialist, Bridges & Structures

Steven Nelson, from highway technician associate to highway technician, Carlisle garage

Bryan O’Connell, from highway technician associate to highway technician, Manchester garage


Other personnel matters

Brandon Anderson, highway technician associate, from Davenport garage to De Witt garage (Intra-agency transfer)

Lori Norem, information technology specialist 4, Business Systems (Transfer from other state agency)

Ben Schwenker, highway technician, Cedar Rapids garage (Transfer from other state agency)



David Claman, transportation engineer administrator, Bridges & Structures

William Gettings, materials technician 4, District 5 materials

Malinda Johnson, secretary 1, Right of Way – Utilities

Larry Kleinmeyer, highway technician associate, Cedar Rapids garage

Dennis Reuvers, highway technician associate, Rock Rapids garage

Charles Seeland, engineering technician senior, Manchester construction

William Shuler, garage operations assistant, District 4 paint crew

John Willenbring, construction technician senior, Manchester construction

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