New online renewal option gives commercial drivers more time behind the wheel

Online CDL Renewal_SocialMedia Ads-01Commercial drivers are the backbone of our economy. Now more than ever, it’s critical that a driver has options when it comes to quickly and safely renewing a commercial driver’s license. To give drivers more time on the road and less time in an Iowa DOT driver’s service center, a new Iowa law allows most CDL holders to renew their CDL online.

Kayla Burkett of the Iowa DOT’s Motor Vehicle Division says for many commercial drivers, the process is simple and quick. She said, “Commercial drivers who qualify can simply log on to our system from any device, from anywhere at any time. The renewal process takes just a few minutes. One thing that will help you be successful if you self-certify as non-excepted interstate is to make sure you have a valid medical certificate on file with us. These are drivers who operate a commercial motor where the driver or their cargo crosses state lines, but they do not operate the vehicle for a city, county, or state government or for specific agricultural purposes.”

Eligibility requirements

  • Must be at least 21 but not yet 70 years of age
  • Must have completed a satisfactory vision screening or report at the last renewal
  • Must have updated your photo at the last issuance or renewal
  • CDL must not have been expired for more than one year (366 days or more)
  • Must be an Iowa resident and U.S. citizen
  • Must not have a DL marked “valid without photo”
  • Must not be changing name, date of birth, sex, endorsements, or restrictions (CDL holders switching their self-certification may add or drop a “K” intrastate-only restriction, depending on their self-certification and still be eligible)
  • Must not be subject to a pending re-examination
  • Must not have restrictions G (no driving when headlights required), J (restrictions on back of card), T (medical report required at renewal), Q (no interstate/freeway driving), or R (max speed 35 mph)

Some exclusions apply

Because of federal requirements, CDL holders who have endorsement H (hazmat) or X (tank/hazmat) or a commercial learner’s permit (CLP restriction 3) will not be able to renew online.  

Where and how to log on to renew our CDL

  • To renew your CDL online, go to
  • Click on “Commercial Driver’s License.”
  • Double check that you meet all the eligibility requirements.

When logging on to the system, make sure you have your current driver’s license number and a credit card handy.

As part of the process, you will be asked a series of questions related to your vision, residential status, organ donation preferences, and other optional designations. You will also be asked to confirm your residential and mailing addresses and the personal information we have on file from your last renewal.

Once you have completed the information, you will be able to review, update and confirm the information you provided. If you are not eligible to complete the online renewal, you will receive information about why and how to proceed.

“Properly and safely licensing commercial drivers no longer means that every driver needs to take time off the road just to renew,” said Burkett. “The ability to renew a commercial driver’s license online is a great step forward.”

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