January 2021 Service Awards

ServiceawardInformation provided by the Budget and Business Systems Bureau







35 years

Todd Schroeder, Tipton Garage

Kendall Wiegand, Urbana Garage


30 years

Kurt Manus, Contracts     

Constance Redig, Cedar Rapids driver’s license service center

Amy Tinken, Right of Way - Design  


25 years

Wayne Copeland, Denison Garage         

Cherice Ogg, Strategic Communication & Policy

Scott Sommers, Office of Construction & Materials

Chin-ta Tsai, Location & Environment


20 years

Dane Bjugan, District 2 materials

Todd Blum, District 4 materials   

Phillip Brumm, Osage Garage

Michael Fagen, Des Moines garage

Daniel Judge, Construction & Materials

Mark Kraayenbrink, Bureau of Investigation

Robert Mitchell, Bridges & Structures

Hollie Richey, Design

Jason Ryan, District 2 materials

Virgil Schroeder, De Witt Garage          

Barry Thede, Waterloo Garage

Eugene Welter, District 2 materials inspection

Robert Wortman, District 3 Office


15 years

Thad Bloom, Carlisle Garage

Richard Duncan, Ashton Garage

Dan Gohlinghorst, Motor Vehicle Enforcement

Todd Hauge, Chariton Garage    

Lester Kirkpatrick, Motor Vehicle Enforcement

Bart Lodge, Allison Garage

Brent Paulsen, Public Transit


10 years

Michael Bloom, De Witt Garage

Clark Borkowski, Atlantic Garage

Valerie Brewer, Location & Environment 

Rick Brooks, Mason City construction

Jacob Brothersen, District 5 maintenance

Steven Dyke, District 5 paint crew

Ronald Ehlinger, Grimes garage

Deborah Eitel, Davenport construction

William Forney, Sidney garage

Joshua Hart, De Soto Garage

Michael Hauber, Bridges & Structures

Andrea Henry, Strategic Communication & Policy

Jon Holmes, Oskaloosa garage

Adrianne Knight, Design

Robert McNamara, District 3 paint crew

Matthew Miller, Grimes construction

Justin Mueller, Elkader Garage

Rodney Olson, Denison garage

Paul Olson, Bridges & Structures

Brian Pepper, Information Technology Division

Brian Petty, Traffic Data Communications

Joshua Riley, Muscatine garage

Tim Sandusky, Rail Transportation

Jessica Shelton, Davenport construction

Jeffrey Singer, Alton garage

Nancy Sparr, Council Bluffs driver’s license service center

Steve Steelman, De Soto garage

Deborah Thompson, Bridges & Structures

Anthony Volz, Systems Planning

Jennifer Waddell, District 2 Office

Merle Wilson, Ames garage


5 years

Brandon Anderson, Davenport garage

Billy Freeman, Altoona garage

Mike Lauritsen, District 1 materials

Mike Phillips, Information Technology Division – Highway Support

Richard Williams, Des Moines garage

Ryan Wilson, Davenport garage 


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