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September 2020 Service awards


ServiceawardInformation provided by the Budget and Business Systems Bureau







55 years

Wayne Brensel, District –3 Field Staff


35 years

Daniel Chipera, District 2 Office

Clyde Tobey, Davenport garage


30 years

Christopher Boswell, Motor Vehicle Enforcement

Phillip Jensen, District 1

Fronzell Pankey, Construction & Materials


25 years

David Anderson, Information Technology Division

James Brundies, Davenport construction

Dawn Hansen, District 6 Office

Kevin Lewis, Newton garage

Tanner Thomsen, Repair Shop


20 years

Russell Cornelius, Carroll garage

Robert Kirchner, Donnellson garage

Debbie Leib, Vehicle & Motor Carrier Services

Timothy Livingston, Knoxville garage

Jim Schnoebelen, District 6 Office

Robert Welper, District 2 Office


15 years

Nicole Martens, Motor Vehicle Division

Christina Rains, Ankeny driver’s license service center


10 years

Mark Blasius, Project Management

Scott Flagg, Systems Planning

Neal Fobian, Location & Environment

Melissa Gillett, Motor Vehicle Administration

Stacey Huston, Highway Administration


5 years

Cody Vegors, Fort Dodge garage

Chad West, Right of Way

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