Message Monday - Driving faster can cause disaster

8-31 disasterThis year has been one that many of us would like to put behind us. From COVID-19 to Derecho, we’ve learned a whole new vocabulary related to disasters many didn’t see coming or have any control over.

There is one devastating tragedy you can avoid; it just takes a little effort. In 2020 traffic fatalities were going down significantly as fewer people were on Iowa roads. The number of fatalities in July and August has grown to alarming numbers. Higher speeds are one cause. There are things you can do every time you get behind the wheel that will help drive those numbers back down.

  1. Buckle up – wear a seat belt, every seat, every time
  2. Drive sober – that includes no alcohol and/or drugs – over the counter and prescription drugs can impair your driving abilities as well
  3. Focus on the road – stow the phone and reduce as many distractions as you can
  4. Chill out – slow down and calm the aggression
  5. Stay alert – drowsy drivers are dangerous drivers

You have a responsibility to everyone in your vehicle and the vehicles around you. Your choices can save a family from living through another disaster.

The issue of dangerous, excessive speed is making news -

For 2020, there have been 204 fatalities reported. That is an increase of 15 since last Monday. To see statistics published daily by the Office  of Driver Services, go to the daily fatality report at

Here's a great resource for combatting drowsy driving - Thanks and drive safely!

I work construction for the department of transportation. With the construction season being longer days, and farther away from home it seems like today. What would a person do in the case that he’s driving drowsy at four in the afternoon say.
Does a person want to pull over and just close your eyes for a few seconds to see whether or not you can wake up.
I know most people use stimulants like coffee and energy drinks, but that’s not all good for all of us. Just hoping that you have some good ideas that you may put out to us.

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