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August 2019 Service Awards


ServiceawardInformation provided by the Bureau of Budget and Business Systems 






35 Years

Cheryl Hemmen, Driver & Identification Services
Lisa Miller, Driver & Identification Services

30 Years

Brent Christian, Traffic & Safety
Sheri Harris, Information Technology Division
Kirk Johnson, Cherokee construction
Rhonda Pecenka, Construction & Materials
Jon Ranney, District 2 Office
Scott Suhr, District 4 Office

25 Years

Phoumine Baccam, Vehicle & Motor Carrier Services
Troy Calvert, Contracts
Mike Jackson, Right of Way
Lester Mahlsedt, Charles City garage
Chris Moline, Motor Vehicle Enforcement
Kimball Olson, Bridges & Structures

20 Years

Ruth Browning, Finance
William Kauffman, Bridges & Structures
Brad Lauderman, District 5 maintenance
Steven Robinson, Motor Vehicle Enforcement
Mary Stahlhut, Systems Planning

15 Years

Jeffrey Conis, Support Services

10 Years

Christopher Avila, Creston garage
Daniel Wickersham, Onawa garage

5 Years

Ryan Dahm, Motor Vehicle Enforcement
Nuwan De Silva, Motor Vehicle Support
Ryan Demmer, Dubuque garage
Job Huisman, Motor Vehicle Enforcement
Kevin Livesey, Sioux City construction
Chase Wells, Motor Vehicle Enforcement  

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