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ServiceawardInformation provided by the Office of Employee Services








40 Years

Roger Boulet, District 6 Office

Roger Burns, District 2 maintenance

Dennis Mabie, Maintenance


35 Years

John Taylor, Garner garage


30 Years

Suzanne Nicholl, Information Technology Division


25 Years

Dean Bahe, Waverly garage

Julie Ball, Information Technology Division

Robert Cornelis, Bridges & Structures

William Kreinbring, Tipton garage

Gary Kretlow, District 1 Office

Paul Pippert, Waterloo garage


20 Years

Clint Pickering, Project Management

Steven Smithson, Davenport construction

Jennifer Strunk, Creston construction

Brian Watters, Maquoketa garage


15 Years

Jaysen Vaughn, Council Bluffs-north garage


10 Years

Elizabeth Finarty, Chariton construction

Kevin Galloway, Accounting

Daryl Hart, Budget & Business

Ted Shipley, Traffic Operations

Rick Skinner, Right of Way

Joshua Weber, District 3 maintenance


5 Years

Joseph Cuva, Right of Way

Ryan Schlichte, Storm Lake garage

Ethan Strickland, Clarinda garage

Dean Wiese, Independence garage




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Iowa highway in the evening