Personnel Updates for Dec. 14 – Dec. 27, 2018

Personnel_updatesInformation provided by the Office of Employee Services






New hires

James Bultman, roadside development specialist 3, Design

Brett Corkery, highway technician, Urbana garage

Shannon Crum, highway technician associate, Storm Lake garage

Manuel Dotson, highway technician associate, Pacific Junction garage

Justin Huster, highway technician associate, Sac City garage

Dustin Klindt, highway technician associate, Pacific Junction garage

Andrew Lambert, highway technician associate, Donnellson garage

Ethan Lenertz, transportation engineer associate, Manchester construction

Jonathan Mathes, mechanic, Grimes garage

Jim McGennis, highway technician associate, Sioux City - Hamilton garage

Luisa Ortega, driver’s license clerk senior, Marshalltown driver’s license service center

Ronald Peiffer, highway technician associate, Fairfield garage

Casey Peters, human resources professional 1, Employee Services

Zachery Rowland, highway technician, Osceola garage

Isaac Schroeder, highway technician, Davenport garage

Troy Sheeder, facilities maintenance coordinator, Support Services

Michelle Smith, engineering office assistant 1, District 2 Office

Jon Stansberry, highway technician associate, Bloomfield garage

Cody Woodard, highway technician associate, Oskaloosa garage



Bradley Fleming, from highway maintenance supervisor, Williams garage, to public service manager 2, Maintenance

Matthew Kinney, from highway technician senior to construction technician senior, Mount Pleasant construction

Lacy Lawrence, from driver’s license clerk senior, Ankeny driver’s license service center, to administrative assistant 2, Driver & Identification Services

Joseph Mohlis, from highway technician associate, Elkader garage, to highway technician, West Union garage

Deanne Popp, from executive officer 2, Local Systems, to executive officer 3, Highway Division

Darin Ranck, from highway technician, Donnellson garage, to materials fabrication inspector 1, District 5 materials

Dung Ta, from transportation engineerto transportation engineer specialist, Design

Brenda Wilder, from architectural technician 2 to facilities engineer 1, Support Services

Robert Wittkowski, from motor vehicle officer to motor vehicle sergeant, Motor Vehicle Enforcement


Other Personnel Updates

Darren Ackerman, from mechanic, Urbana garage, to highway technician, Waterloo garage

Gregg Durbin, transportation engineer specialist, within District 1 Office



Nola Mortenson Barger, information specialist 2, Strategic Communications & Policy

Terry Breier, highway technician associate, Carlisle garage

Suezet Cain, construction technician senior, Contracts

Dean House, motor vehicle captain, Motor Vehicle Enforcement

Larry Lynn, highway technician associate, Independence garage

Randall Meyer, highway technician, Waverly garage

Todd Smith, highway technician associate, Osceola garage

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