Message Monday - New Year, New You. Use your blinker

1-7 message mondayNeed an easy win on your New Year’s resolutions? Resolve to improve traffic safety by simply using your turn signal every time you want to change lanes or make a turn. Using your blinker is so simple and so effective to let those around you know what you’re planning to do.

Don’t underestimate the power of a turn signal. When you think about it, that’s the only indication other drivers have of where your car is going to go. A study conducted by the Society of Automotive Engineers made a rather surprising claim: Turn signal neglect is causing millions of crashes per year and may be more dangerous than distracted driving.

SAE observed a total of 12,000 lane-changing and turning vehicles and concluded 25 percent of drivers neglected to signal when turning and a whopping 48 percent neglected to do so when changing lanes. Applying these percentages to U.S. drivers as a whole translates to 750 billion instances of turn signal neglect per year – or more than 2 billion instances per day, according to the study.

The study estimated that approximately 2 million crashes per year are a direct result of this issue.

Read the incredible history behind the purported inventor of the turn signal, silent film star Florence Lawrence-

For 2019, there has been one fatality reported. The 2018 fatality count of as of Dec. 31 stands at 319. This is subject to change as law enforcement reports are completed. To see statistics published daily by the Office of Driver Services, go to the daily fatality report at

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