New year means new schedule for safety training

Canstockphoto23387870There is nothing more important than keeping you safe while you do your job. You and your loved ones count on the fact that you will return home in the same condition as you left. However, safety requires the commitment and on-going attention of everyone. Part of that commitment includes safety training that is provided by the Office of Employee Services.

Traditionally, safety topics were chosen for employees who needed a particular training, with the requirement to complete that training within that month.  Tim Carey, health and safety team leader from the Office of Employee Services, said, “While that worked out for some, scheduling conflicts make it difficult for others to get each monthly training done in a timely way.”

Canstockphoto40709132Beginning Jan. 1, 2019, all of us will have a chance to determine our own safety training schedules. At the beginning of the year, each employee’s Iowa DOTU account will be loaded with the links to that year’s required Occupational Safety and Health Administration safety training specific to their position. “That way, employees will be able to choose times that are convenient for them to take each of the required training courses.” Carey said, “And if you have some extra time and want to take more than one training, you can do that. Each of us will get to determine our own required OSHA safety training schedules.”

To remind you that you still have training topics to complete, the Office of Employee Services will send out monthly email reminders. The reminder won’t list the training you have left to complete, but it will serve as a gentle reminder to log on and complete training when it works for you.

In October, a reminder email will be sent to supervisors from DOTU with a list of employees who have not completed all the required OSHA training modules. The email will be repeated in November and December until all employees under that manager's span of control have completed the required training.

DOT U“Safety training is a high priority for the Iowa DOT. We think making training more flexible to fit busy schedules is a good thing. We hope this change will make it easier for everyone to step up, take ownership and the personal responsibility to ensure that the required training is completed,” said Carey. “New training is being added to Iowa DOTU all the time. Even if you’ve finished your required OSHA safety training, we encourage you to go out and check for new opportunities to learn.”

The safety team will continue to provide a listing of training every month in the Safety Tracks newsletter you get in your email. Following the schedule listed in the newsletter will ensure the completion of the training on time.

If you have questions about the safety certification process for 2019, contact the Safety Team at [email protected].


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