Personnel Updates for Oct. 20 – Nov. 2, 2017

Personnel_updatesInformation provided by the Office of Employee Services






New hires

Peter Englund, highway technician associate, Grimes garage

Michael Lee, highway technician associate, Missouri Valley garage

Alan Timmerman, mechanic, Onawa garage

Robert Christensen, highway technician associate, De Soto garage

Jeff Menz, facility maintenance coordinator, Support Services

Anthony Ellis, highway technician associate, Cedar Rapids garage

Steven O’Brien, highway technician, Pacific Junction garage

Ose Akinlotan, transportation planner 1, Systems Planning

James Kruse, mechanic, Ames garage

Diana Upton, engineering office assistant 1, District 5 office



Michael Kingery, from equipment operator senior to garage operations assistant, Knoxville garage

Daryl Hart, from accountant 2, Accounting, to management analyst 3, Budget & Business  

Ryan Boysen, from highway technician associate, Sloan garage, to mechanic, Onawa garage

Benjamin Pettitt, from highway technician associate to garage operations assistant, Coralville garage


Other Personnel Updates

Clayton Burke, transportation engineer intern, from Marshalltown construction to Grimes construction

Jay Greif, from transportation aide to highway technician associate, De Soto garage

Troy Palmer, from mechanic, Repair Shop, to equipment operator senior, Bridge Maintenance & Inspection

Adam Pieken, from transportation aide to highway technician associate, Avoca garage

Kala Shipley, executive officer 2, Driver & Information Services



Edward Kosina, highway technician associate, Cedar Rapids garage

Cindie Mead, construction technician, Sioux City construction

Richard Schnormeier, facilities maintenance coordinator, Support Services

Larry Smith, engineering technician senior, Contracts


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