Message Monday - Doe, a deer, a female deer - rut time is here

11-14 message mondayHumming a show tune is just one of hundreds of things you could be doing to distract you while you’re driving. Its good advice any time of year, but especially now with so many deer on the move, putting your full attention towards the task of driving could save your life.  

In Iowa from Jan. 1 to Oct. 31, there have been 4,319 reported motor vehicle crashes with animals. In these crashes, 183 people have been injured and three have died.



Tips for motorists this time of year:

  1. Always wear your seat belt. This should go without saying, but some people still need to be reminded.
  2. Keep an eye out for deer. If you see one, there are likely more.
  3. Deer are more active at dawn and dusk. Slow down and be very cautious in open areas.
  4. Look for deer crossing signs. The may be been placed in areas where data shows an increased level of deer hits.
  5. If you see a deer, brake calmly and firmly and stay in your lane. Don’t veer to miss the deer because you stand the chance of losing control of your vehicle.

Deer look so gentle and peaceful when you see them alongside the road. But you never know when that gentle creature is going to dart out in front of your vehicle -

The fatality count of 338 is an increase of seven from last Monday. Over the last week, the number of people killed on Iowa highways in 2016 passed the 2015 number of 320. To see statistics published daily by the Office of Driver Services, go to

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