What does it take to make that connection?

Noah and famGrowing up, Noah Reyman didn’t wear a seat belt very often. “We had a van and the kids were always running around in the back,” he said.

Not having to wear a seatbelt as a kid has had long lasting effects on Noah. “It’s just not something I always think about doing,” he admits. As a result, Noah says he’s had seat belt violation tickets.

It’s a good thing bad habits can be broken. On Labor Day, Noah was a passenger in a vehicle driven by his girlfriend, Jade. His five-year-old son, Keegan, was safely strapped into his car seat in the back of Jade’s SUV. He said, “I don’t know why I buckled my seat belt this time. It just was one of those days I reminded myself to do it. I guess because I was a passenger.”

Crash.jpgTraveling down NE 74th Street in rural Polk County, the small SUV came upon a group of motorcyclists headed toward them. The crash remains under investigation, but for some reason one of the motorcycle riders swerved into the oncoming lane and hit the SUV Noah and his family were in head on. The motorcyclist was pronounced dead at the scene. Noah, Jade, and Keegan all suffered minor cuts and bruises and were transported by ambulance to the local hospital to be checked out.

“When you see the SUV, most of the impact was to the front passenger side,” said Noah, who is a volunteer firefighter in Nevada. “I don’t think I would have survived that if I had not been wearing my seat belt.”

Do you wear your seat belt every trip, no matter where you are sitting in the car? If not, why not? Even though Noah is a first responder and has seen the devastation a crash can cause others, it took a head-on collision of his own before he made the connection how seat belts save lives.

Jade, Keegan and Noah buckling up for the trip to Noah's sister's wedding.



It’s time to ask yourself - is your life worth the risk? Buckle up. 

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