New video explains transportation asset management

TAMlogoAnalyzing and understanding the condition of the transportation system, including how best to manage repairs and where to make updates is a huge undertaking. As you’ve read in previous blog posts, transportation asset management is all about providing the right treatment to the right asset at the right time. Asset management is a new way of making decisions for the Iowa Department of Transportation and can be a complicated concept to grasp. 

The team working to develop the transportation asset management plan has created a video to help customers and other transportation stakeholders better understand the concept of transportation asset management.  It is the first in a series planned to explain how the Iowa DOT looks at investments in the system.  

The transportation asset management video can be found on the Iowa DOT Answers You Tube channel. The channel contains other videos that help the Iowa DOT easily explain complicated transportation topics and address questions that are frequently asked by the public.  Currently the channel focuses primarily on the planning and design of highway projects. However, the department has made a commitment to continue to expand the Iowa DOT Answers You Tube channel to include a variety of other topics to better serve our customers and provide consistent resources for our staff to help them talk about transportation in Iowa. 

Videos currently on the Iowa DOT Answers include: 

  • Meeting the changing needs of Iowa’s transportation system
  • Transportation Asset Management: Defined
  • Determining potential road placement once a project is chosen
  • Exploring impacts on road placement in a chosen area
  • Determining where we place access to DOT owned roads
  • Connecting private property to DOT owned roads



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