New Q&A series works to promote customer engagement

Thursday3Transportation is a broad and complicated topic. It makes sense that the public would have a wide range of questions they might like to ask the Iowa Department of Transportation. In an effort to foster a transparent culture and encourage interaction with our customers, the Iowa DOT wanted to find a way to allow the public to ask questions on a consistent basis. This Friday, we will begin promoting a new question and answer series on our blog titled “Thursday 3 with the Iowa DOT.”

We will be marketing the series on social media with the hashtag “#Thurs3DOT.” Customers will be encouraged to send us their questions using this hashtag. We will track the hashtag and selecting three questions each week to be answered in a blog post every Thursday.

Questions that are selected will be sent to the appropriate subject matter expert within the Iowa DOT for answering. The Office of Strategic Communications will be coordinating the program and posting answers to the blog. To ensure the success of the project we ask for the help of a timely response by all subject matter experts.

Our hope with this blog series is to interact with customers and promote engagement; foster a positive, transparent, and reliable image for the Iowa DOT; increase customer knowledge and awareness; and increase our Facebook, Twitter, and blog followers.  This project not only aligns with our core values of safety, respect, integrity, teamwork, and leadership, but will also help our customers see these values reflected in our responses to their questions.

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