Message Monday - April 20, 2015 - Don't be a number

4-20-message-mondayToo many times in life we are assigned a number - whether it is a social security number, driver’s license number, phoning a radio station just to hear “ are now caller 7,”  or at the lunch counter, “…now serving number 25.” In these situations, you don’t get the chance to speak up and say “I’m not just a number.” 

That is not the case with traffic fatalities. Your behavior and the choices you make have a significant impact on whether or not you make it home each day. By your behavior behind the wheel, you choose not to be a number. 

Research shows 99% of all traffic crashes result from driver error. Our Zero Fatalities campaign focuses on five behaviors that have contributed to most of Iowa’s traffic fatalities.  Change these choices and behaviors and we are on our way towards zero. 

1)    Distractions – drive alert
2)    Impairment – drive sober
3)    Recklessness – slow down
4)    Seat belts – buckle up, every seat, every time
5)    Drowsiness – stay alert 

Make your choice. Don’t become a number on a highway sign. 

Keep the phrase “You’re Dead” just a figure of speech and not something said at a crash scene. 

70 fatalities is an increase of 3 from last week.

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