Innovative I-74 bridge feature wins an Eddy Award

I-74 basketapproachCasting a vision and forging a new path are often key concepts of leadership. For the Interstate 74 construction project in the Quad Cities, the vision is to strengthen the vital link between Iowa and Illinois. The new path included an innovative trail along the I-74 bridge crossing the Mississippi River and connecting Davenport, Iowa, to Moline, Ill., to allow bicyclists and pedestrians to utilize the structure. 

The Iowa Department of Transportation’s construction project was recently recognized with an Eddy Award from the nonprofit group River Action in the Quad Cities. “Eddy,” awards are presented to groups in the Quad Cities that “move against the current or depart from the main current of thought or life.” 

Doug  Rick, Eddy Award 2015 001
Project Manager Doug Rick holds the Eddy Award. The award's design signifies swirling currents that go against the normal flow of the water, as is the case with the outside the box idea to have a trail alongside an interstate.

River Action, a local group with a mission to foster the environmental, economic, and cultural vitality of the Mississippi River and its riverfront in the Quad Cities region, recognized the I-74 project because of the unique trail on the new I-74 bridge crossing the Mississippi River. Doug Rick, project manager for the I-74 corridor project in the Quad Cities, received the Eddy in the design category on behalf of the Iowa DOT April 24 in Davenport. 

Rick said, “The pedestrian and bicycle trail on the new I-74 bridge is the culmination of nearly 20 years of community involvement with the project. The Quad Cities communities have long expressed the desire to have better connections between the Iowa and Illinois riverfront trails. Carefully examining the needs of the customers and incorporating customer-driven features are an essential part of this project. Without the support and teamwork of the cities of Moline, Bettendorf, and Davenport, the Illinois DOT, and other community leaders, this feature on an interstate bridge would not have happened.” 

OverlookJoe Chambers, president of the River Action board of directors, said, “Transportation planning is first about vision. If that vision includes alternative means of transportation, systems and networks must be developed in a way that allows alternatives to flourish. That has been the work of the Iowa DOT represented here. From early public meetings through final design, the pedestrian/bike portion of the bridge was always on the agenda. The attached trail will offer a way to cross the Mississippi between Moline and Bettendorf. It will open new routes for recreational cyclists and make bike commuting possible for a whole new segment of the Quad Cities. Making bikes a part of the bridge will enhance the Quad Cities as a destination for cyclists. Our I-74 bridge will be one of the only interstate bridges in the country to provide trail access.”  

You can find more about the I-74 project and features that are helping customers get where they need to go safely, efficiently and conveniently on the Iowa DOT’s website 




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