Personnel updates for Dec. 19, 2014 to Jan. 1, 2015

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New hires

Ethan Andresen, highway technician associate, Leon garage; Jeremy Brand, mechanic, repair shop; Clayton Burke, transportation engineer intern, Marshalltown construction; Dustin Devine, highway technician associate, Grimes garage; Jesse Hueser, mechanic, repair shop; Patrick Manzer, highway technician associate, Avoca garage; Bradley Schafer, highway technician associate, Grundy Center garage; Brenda Wilder, architectural technician 2, Support Services 


Debra Brass, from driver’s license clerk to driver’s license clerk senior, Mason City DL station; April Concepcion, from secretary 1 to secretary 2, District 2 Office; Amanda Daughenbaugh, from clerk specialist to administrative assistant 2, Driver Services; Mark Dolash, from construction technician to construction technician senior, Marshalltown construction; Paul Flagge, from information technology specialist 3 to information technology specialist 4, Information Technology Division; Marvin Hodapp, from highway technician senior to construction technician senior, Council Bluffs construction; Clifford Krueger, from highway technician associate to highway technician, Muscatine garage; Wes Mayberry, from executive officer 2, design to transportation engineer specialist, Location and Environment; Melissa Spiegel, from administrative assistant 2, Driver Services to executive officer 1, Motor Vehicle Division administration; John Willenbring, from highway technician senior to construction technician senior, Manchester construction


Larry Kleinmeyer, highway technician associate, from Coralville garage to Cedar Rapids garage; Dennis Sandquist, equipment operator senior, from DeSoto garage to Perry garage; Trevor Sowden, highway technician associate, from Des Moines garage to Martensdale garage; Tom Strabala, highway technician associate, from Cedar Rapids garage to Coralville garage


Brian Arnold, highway technician associate, Dubuque garage; Thad Boyington, highway maintenance supervisor, Latimer garage; David Carter, information technology specialist 5, Information Technology Division; John Chester, soil party chief, Design; Douglas Erickson, construction technician senior, Des Moines construction; Barbara Espeland, transportation division director, Information Technology Division; Luella Funnell, programmer planner 3, Location and Environment; Mark Funnell, program planner 2, Systems Planning; Jack Goodale, equipment operator senior, Osage garage; Janice Gustoff, information technology specialist 4, Information Technology Division; Carl Hesse, design technician, District 3 Office; Edwin Hinz, equipment operator senior, DeWitt garage; Wayne Hohl, equipment operator senior, Altoona garage; Michael Holl, purchasing agent 2, Support Services; Lowell Larson, highway technician associate, Sloan garage; Danny Meyer, equipment operator senior, Tipton garage; Janet Mortvedt, information technology specialist 3, Information Technology Division; Randy Ness, highway technician associate, Rockwell City garage; Roxanne Oerman, highway technician associate, Davenport garage; Merlin Osbahr, highway technician associate, Avoca garage; Mary Pepper, secretary 1, Right of Way; Dave Skogerboe, transportation engineer manager, William Tucker, transportation engineer specialist, Bridges and Structures; Dale Williams, mechanic, repair shop


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