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Bringing it all together - new traffic safety data website now available


IconsThe best decisions are those based on solid data. The Iowa Department of Transportation and our traffic safety partners constantly collect a wide range of safety data from different sources. These data are used by safety professionals, researchers, citizens, media, and others who have an interest in traffic safety.

Until recently, anyone needing traffic safety data that was collected by different agencies would have had to contact each individual agency for specific information. To address this problem, Iowa’s Statewide Traffic Records Coordinating Committee (STRCC), a diverse group of traffic safety data professionals interested in improving data quality and analysis, developed a central, “one-stop shop” website to provide access to traffic safety data and information.

This website,, is housed under the Iowa DOT’s website and is a consolidated location for obtaining crash, roadway, driver, vehicle, injury surveillance system/emergency medical services, and traffic citation/adjudication data. To protect individual privacy, no names or personal information are available on the website.

Crash-mapA prominent feature of the site is the crash maps page that uses Google Earth to display the location of Iowa crashes ( The mapped crashes include information such as crash severity, date, time, weather conditions, and much more.

Additionally, numerous static reports across the six data types are available. These reports include some of the most requested information including Iowa State Patrol crash reports; Iowa DOT top 200 intersection safety improvement candidate locations; vehicle registration information; driver license information; roadway mileage and travel/volume information; county, city, and district crash profile maps; Iowa Department of Public Health motor vehicle trauma reports; and seat belt and speeding conviction reports. Again, no personal information is included in any reports or any documents on this website.

 “Currently, the site contains reports prepared by the partner agencies,” said Michael Pawlovich of the Iowa DOT’s Office of Traffic and Safety. “Our plan is to add a data portal to the site which will allow anyone to query these databases and customize their own analysis. The development of this data portal function is expected to be underway beginning in 2015, with an initial version available by year’s end. Meanwhile, the site will continue to be enhanced with updated reports, additional information, and further functionality. Please visit the website and use the 'contact us' link on the main page to provide any suggestions on what we can do to make the site more valuable to you.”



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