Iowa DOT Transportation asset management - how does it impact employees?

TAMlogoDOT.fwMany of you may have already read the blog entry posted earlier today about transportation asset management (TAM) and how the DOT is exploring ways to utilize our resources in the most efficient and effective manner.

As a DOT employee, how does TAM impact you? We all have a role in managing and maintaining the transportation system in Iowa. As we develop the transportation asset management plan (TAMP), we will provide information on how it may impact the work we do at the DOT to manage the system. Ultimately, it will affect all 2,800 members of the DOT team - some more than others. We are committed to giving Iowa DOT employees regular updates to provide information about TAM initiatives and get feedback from you on how this effort will impact what you do.

This initiative is drawing from expertise from around the DOT. The following people make up the TAM steering committee.

TAM champion      
John Selmer                  Director, Performance and Technology Division

Project manager    
Matthew Haubrich          Organizational Improvement

Committee members    

Mitch Dillavou               Director, Project Delivery Bureau
Jim Rost                       Director, Office of Location and Environment
Jon Ranney                   District engineer, District 2
Troy Jerman                  District engineer, District 4
Stuart Anderson            Director, Planning, Programming & Modal Division
Craig Markley                Director, Office of Systems Planning
Don Tebben                  Office of Program Management

Andrea Henry                Director, Office of Strategic Communications
Darla James                  Transportation planner, Office of Systems Planning
Lisa McDaniel               Transportation engineer, Program Delivery Team,                                                                                    Federal Highway Administration

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to any of the people listed above. The committee meets monthly and is currently working on developing the first iteration of a TAMP. Meeting agenda, notes, and supporting documents are available on the committee’s SharePoint site located at http://portal/xdiv/TAM/TAMP/. This site also has a link to asset management videos from the FHWA website.



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