Zero Fatalities Message Monday - July 21, 2014

7-21-message-mondayDid you know semi trucks comprise nearly 33 percent of the traffic volume on Interstate 80? 

Iowa’s interstates are a vital link to freight movement, not just within our state, but throughout the entire country and beyond.  Learning how to safely share the road with semis is especially important for those who drive on the interstates frequently.  



Here are a few tips when sharing the road with semis:           

  • When passing a semi, do not linger to either side of the larger vehicle.
  • Most semi drivers prefer to drive in the right lane, so allow them room to move over so you can pass on the left if necessary.
  • Maintain a consistent speed at or near the speed limit.  Do not increase your speed over the speed limit just to pass a semi and then reduce it again once you are in front of the truck.  
  • Do not tailgate a semi.
  • Semis need a wide area to turn at stop signs.  Give them extra space.

 And most importantly:           

  • If you cannot see the semi driver in the side mirror, the semi driver cannot see you.

Here is a link to a video sponsored by the California DOT that gives an excellent description of the “No Zone” from a truck driver’s point of view.

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