June service awards

ServiceawardInformation supplied by the Office of Employee Services 




50 years

John Smith, Contracts 

40 year

Steven Doeppke, Elkader garage; Michael Kinyon, District 1 field staff

35 years

R Adams, Bridges and Structures; Laura Brown, Right of Way; Thomas Jacobson, Construction and Maintenance; Mark Masteller, Design; Philip Meyer, Storm Lake garage; Kelly Morris, District 1 Office; Roxanne Oerman, Davenport garage 

30 years

Michael Athey, Motor Vehicle Enforcement – Bureau of Investigation; Jerry Hinders, Marshalltown construction; John House, DeWitt garage; Tony Lazarowicz, District 3 Office; David Little, District 2 Office; Gary Mehmen, Osage garage; Robert Mingus, Design; Terry Morse, Design; Martin Sankey, Right of Way 

25 years

Darwin Bishop, District 3 Office; Suezet Cain, Contracts; Len Hill, Employee Services; Janet Lawrence, Motor Vehicle Enforcement; Mark Negrete, Des Moines garage; Kevin Patel, Design; Janet Wasteney, Construction; Nancy Woody, Newton garage 

20 years

John Clute, Bridges and Structures; Eric Diedrich, Design; Robin Halpin, Cedar Rapids DL station; Brandie McCuen-Burgos, Motor Vehicle Division; Thomas McDermott, Motor Vehicle Enforcement; Andrew Short, Systems Planning 

15 years

Michael Bennett, Design; Anthony Blint, Mount Pleasant construction; Kevin Cary, Council Bluffs construction; Jason Choate; Design; Barbara Coon, Construction and Maintenance; Dennis Drabek, Garner garage; Kurt Estrem, Contacts; Bradley Garside, District 4 bridge crew; Jamie Giannetto, Marshalltown construction; Patricia Harmeyer, Motor Vehicle Division; Annette Henning, Manchester construction; Doug Hirsch, Dubuque garage; Jennifer Hoskins, Jefferson construction; Darla James, Systems Planning; Jamie Kilker, Davenport DL station; Brandon Kimble, Design; Edward Launderville, Denison garage; Ron McDaniel, Traffic and Safety; Troy Moraine, Council Bluffs construction; Harold Parke, Mount Pleasant construction; Krista Rostad, District 2 Office; Marcus Ryan, Information Technology Division; Carey Seuntjens, Denison garage; Norman Shepard, Creston construction; Teresa Siebels, Cedar Rapids DL station; Nathan Westphal, Cherokee garage; Layton Zbornik, Information Technology Division; John Zimmer, Bridges and Structures 

10 years


5 years

Michael Devenney, Motor Vehicle Division; Travis Foglesong, Centerville garage


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