Use social media to report potholes to Iowa DOT #IAFillUsIn

Fill-US-In_social-media-graphicWhile warmer temperatures are always welcome after a particularly cold winter, the recent fluctuating temperatures, ample moisture, and aging pavements are keeping the Iowa Department of Transportation, as well as county and city road crews, busy fixing potholes and addressing other structural damage to our streets, roads, and bridges.

Iowa DOT crews travel our state’s highways regularly, but we can’t be everywhere all the time. That’s where you come in. If you see a pothole on an interstate or state highway, let us know on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #IAFillUsIn. Be sure to provide specific location information so we can find the pothole in question. For potholes on streets or county roadways, contact the local city administrator /engineer or county engineer.


Pothole 101
Potholes are mostly caused by moisture getting into or underneath pavement. During the late winter/early spring freeze and thaw periods, moisture causes the asphalt or concrete material to shift, buckle, or fracture. Vehicles traveling over these weakened areas dislodge the pavement material, leaving those dreaded potholes. Potholes can also occur on previously patched pavements where friction from activities such as snow removal dislodges the old patches.

In a typical year, the Iowa DOT spends approximately $4 million on repairing pot holes. When the weather is cooler, the repairs are sometimes temporary until more permanent warm-weather patching materials can be used.

So whether you see a crew out patching a pothole or doing other work this construction season, use caution whenever you see flashing lights and always move over or slow down for your family, friends, and neighbors working to keep you safer on Iowa’s highways.

For questions specific to your geographic area, contact:


Multiple extremely large potholes in the middle lane I80E right at the Jordan Creek on ramp.

Pot holes in the middle lane on highway 35/80 before exit 135 heading east.

Turning Northbound onto hwy 27 from GreenHill large pothole at that corner and another further north of university ave exit

Large crack across the on ramp to hwy 65/5 bypass north bound

Large pothole in turn lane turning onto NW 5th St coming north on NW Polk City Dr.

Multiple large potholes on both N & S ramps exit 93 off 218.

Large pothole on SE 14th St just south of University Ave DSM southbound inside lane.

Lots of potholes on I80 eastbound from the east mixmaster to the Altoona exits.

Thanks Rachel, I've forwarded your concern to the supervisor in that area.

There is a sunken manhole that could definitely cause significant damage to vehicles in the middle of the roadway on highway 44 where it meets Little Beaver in Grimes (across from the Sol Agave restaurant). Thank you!

Thanks for the heads up. I have reached out to the supervisor in that area.

Lots of large pot holes on the exit and entrance ramps where hwy 5/65 bypass meet I-80 by Altoona.

There is a deep pothole on I-80 in the right lane heading east between the Iowa River and the Dubuque Steet exit.

Hwy 30 in Clarence, IA directly across from Casey's in Clarence at 92 Lombard, Snow plows tore up entry to driveway, need filler in holes it created.

Heading north on 218 just before you enter Washburn on the last bridge the black top is heaved and pothole. Driving over it causes the vehicle to jump and swerve! Please have someone look at it and would like it to be ground down and filled before a motorcycle or someone with a stiff suspension has a accident.

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