Online driver’s license renewals have saved Iowans more than $1.2 million since July

IA_DL_RealID_veteransSince the Iowa DOT unveiled its online driver’s license and I.D. card online renewal system last July, 58,086 (as of March 6) Iowans have jumped online instead of jumping in a car, saving a trip to the driver’s license station.  Mark Lowe, director of the Iowa DOT’s Office of Driver Services, said, “Online renewals are 12.69 percent of all renewals from that time period. We estimate that customers have saved more than $1.2 million in time and travel expenses by using the online service.”

While many might think the online process is more used by the younger generation, statistics show that baby boomers have been the most likely to renew online.

 The age breakdown for online renewal is:

  • 18-19: 608
  • 20-29: 5,872
  • 30-39: 11,109
  • 40-49: 11,494
  • 50-59: 16,226
  • 60-69: 12,644
  • 70+: 10

(Note: The number of users 70 and over is very small because people 70 and over are not eligible to renew their driver's license online. That number represents Iowans 70 or older who renewed an ID.)

In the interest of public safety and identity security, there are stipulations on who can renew a driver’s license or ID online.  With some exceptions, you will be able to renew your license online if:

  • You have a valid Iowa driver’s license or ID (non CDL).
  • You are at least 18, but younger than 70 years old.
  • Your license or ID has not been expired for more than a year.
  • It is less than 180 days to the renewal date on your current license or ID.
  • You are a U.S. citizen.
  • You do not have any medical or vision conditions that would impact your ability to drive.
  • You do not need to change the address or name printed on your card.

 As with in-person renewal, new cards will be sent in the mail within 30 days of renewal. Customers who renew their driver’s license or ID online should continue to carry their current card until they receive their new driver’s license or ID in the mail. In addition to online driver’s license and ID renewal, visitors to myMVD can:

  • Sign up to receive renewal notices electronically.
  • Change a mailing address.
  • Get a copy of a driving record.
  • Find out what is needed to reinstate a license that has been revoked or suspended.
  • Pay civil penalties.

The official Iowa DOT online renewal website can only be accessed at Don’t be fooled by other sites that lead you to believe you can renew online, particularly if they end in .com or .org. Official Iowa DOT sites end in .gov. The myMVD site  is the only site where Iowa driver’s licenses can be renewed.

The online renewal process is one more way the Iowa DOT is working to become smarter, simpler, and more customer driven. Got a smarter, simpler, and customer driven idea for us? Add your comments below.





REAL ID is not a requirement for anyone, unless you intend to fly on a commercial flight or enter a federal building that requires an ID. If you plan to do either of those, a REAL ID would be needed by Oct. 1, 2021. Since you just renewed online, if you choose to get a REAL ID before your current license expires, it would be a $10 “duplicate” fee. For more information, please go to

i just renewal my drivers license online , how long can i go without a gold star on my new license?

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