Iowa DOT adopts a new look for our corporate identity

Iowa-DOT-logo_rectangular-with-tagline_color-gradientMuch has changed at the Iowa DOT in the last 30 years. One thing that had not changed was the logo that we associate with the agency. In January, a new logo was adopted as the identifying mark of the agency and the mark will be implemented over the next five years.

Director Trombino said, "I couldn’t be more proud of our organization and the people who make it great. As we continue to modernize the way we do business, it is important that our image reflects who we are and where we are going as an agency. "

The new logo was developed in-house by the Iowa DOT's Office of Strategic Communications. As part of the logo development process, all employees were invited to participate in focus groups to give feedback on the new icon. One thing is for sure, Iowa DOTers have strong opinions. The focus groups highlighted that employees felt it was important to preserve the essence of the old logo. It was felt the agency should be represented as the Iowa DOT, not IDOT or IADOT.  The new logo was designed with those ideas in mind to represent the department in a modern light, while still harkening back to our historic mark.

Director Paul Trombino said, "It was imperative that the new logo be implemented with minimal impact to the DOT’s budget. While the mark officially became our new logo in January, it will be phased in over the next five years. As supplies of items such as printed materials become depleted or vehicles need replaced, we will gradually replace the old logo with the new. We will be able to create most of the materials in-house and will not be disposing of current materials simply because they contain the old logo. Please do not rush to redesign materials or order new business cards unless you are running low on supplies or those materials have a shelf-life of more than five years."

An electronic letterhead template is available for all employees to use under “Employee Resources and Information” on DOTNET at http://dotnet/iowadotlogo.html. Please replace this file with any existing letterhead files you may be using. This DOTNET page also includes mock-ups of how the new logo will  eventually appear on Iowa DOT vehicles.

The mark was carefully created to assure it was flexible enough to be used effectively in a variety of circumstances and easily available for use by employees and partners. The mark above, which also contains the tagline “Smarter, Simpler, Customer Driven” is preferred, however, there are other versions that can be used if they better suit a particular use. While the Iowa DOT is made up of many offices, bureaus, districts, and divisions, we all represent one Iowa DOT team. Our identity should reflect this. Any logos separate from the Iowa DOT logo that represent an individual office, bureau, district, or division should be phased out and replaced with the new Iowa DOT mark. If you would like to identify your office, bureau, district, or division separately, you may do so by placing your office, bureau, district, or division name in text, below the Iowa DOT logo.

If you have a question on how to implement the new logo or how to replace the old logo on items, please contact your division director or Andrea Henry, [email protected].


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