Sullivan Brothers award to Officer Ben Driscoll

(from left) Major Lance Evans, Chief Dave Lorenzen, Officer Ben Driscoll, Major Ned Lewis

The events of Oct. 30, 2012, won’t soon be forgotten in Fayette County. Two men armed with AK-47 assault rifles and handguns robbed the Maynard Savings Bank then fled in a vehicle toward the town of Frederika. Law enforcement, including Iowa State Trooper Mark Domino, Sumner Police Chief Dennis Cain, and Iowa DOT Motor Vehicle Officer Benjamin Driscoll, pursued the robbers.

 The robbers fired several shots at the officers, wounding Domino in the arm and severely injuring Cain with gunshots to his neck, hand, and thumb. Driscoll’s patrol car window was shattered by gunshots. At the scene of Cain’s shooting, Driscoll rendered aid to the fallen officer, which is credited with saving the chief’s life. 

After a seven-hour manhunt, police officers arrested and charged Jeremiah Mumford, 25, and William Clayton, 19.  Each faced more than 30 felony charges, including robbery, terrorism, and attempted murder. Both men pleaded guilty to robbery and attempted murder, and received 75-year prison sentences. They are required to serve at least 35 years before becoming eligible for parole.    

Because of the law enforcement officers’ actions related to the bank robbery, chase, and apprehension of the robbers, Driscoll, Cain, and Domino were honored Nov. 6, with the Sullivan Brothers Award of Valor. Eight other law enforcement and first responders also received the award for other incidents.

 The Sullivan Brother Award of Valor is bestowed by the Iowa Department of Public Safety. The DPS website describes the award as a commendation for “peace officers and firefighters who, while serving in an official capacity, distinguished themselves by the performance of a heroic act in excess of normal demands of police or fire service where the person was fully aware of the threat to his/her personal safety.”

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