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August 2017 Service Awards


ServiceawardInformation provided by the Office of Employee Services







40 years

Delores Johnson, Driver & Identity Services

35 years

Cheryl Hemmen, Driver & Identity Services
Paul Herburger, Motor Vehicle Enforcement
Brent Klaahsen, District 3 Field Staff

30 years

Patrick Burrell, Des Moines North garage
Richard Kauffman, West Union garage
Daniel Linduski, Information Technology Division
Donald Moses, Davenport garage

25 years

Annette Jeffers, Bridges & Structures

20 years

Helen Bailey, District 5 materials
Andrew Frey, Information Technology Division
Phillip Mescher, Systems Planning
Wesley Musgrove, Construction & Materials
John Narigon, Location & Environment

15 years

Jeff Hanson, Spirit Lake garage
Danny Zeimen, Location & Environment

10 years

Amanda Daughenbaugh, Driver & Identity Services
Ivan Jopp, Pacific Junction garage
Karen Kontos, Bridges & Structures
Corey Lorenz, Information Technology Division
Kimberly Miller, Muscatine DL station
Karen Rockingham, Marshalltown DL station
Linda Roecker, Vehicle & Motor Carrier Services
Leonard Scroggs, Clarinda garage

5 years

Mark Dell, Design
Tamirat Eshete, Finance

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